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This last year has been hard on a lot of people, so we made it our mission to be at the absolute top of our game. 

Here you can see some of our most recent dental office reviews, and they are very solid. 

If you are considering scheduling an appointment with our dental team, here are a few things you can expect a prompt response and near-term scheduling.  Another thing we really pride ourselves on is a well-paced but reasonably fun appointment.  Our team and process are fast, yet unrushed… and Dr. Raleigh, the other dentists and our hygienists all have a good time helping their patients, that is built into our culture!  Take a look and schedule soon!

David Zahm
4 weeks ago
I was having some real pain one morning at work. My wife found and made this appointment for me. First I am to stubborn to go to the doctor. second The medieval tools that always goes with the dentist. Third, I cant repeat what my wife calls me for never going. Well I showed up “not to seem like a blow by blow but be leave me this is a major victory for me I argued with my self for over hour trying to get out of it” I was greeted with some very welcoming front office staff, then the Doc and the His assistant ” sorry I am bad with names” were happy and informative. not only did they see me the same day to tell me what needed to be done with my tooth. They were able to fix next day. Shy of using crayons the doc was able to explain my options in a way I understood. Long story short I am actually looking forward to going back for a cleaning. everyone was nice and put up with my jokes. the owners should be very proud, because this is not just a normal dentist office with hired staff, this is a family.


Lisa Novak
3 weeks ago
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Raleigh, Mandy, and the rest of the team. I have had everything from cleaning to crowns and now have an awesome new smile thanks to them. The front office explained the costs in detail before and after each visit so there were no surprises financially, the place is extremely clean, and the dental work has been outstanding. And a special Thanks to Mandy for her patience, attention to detail, and care!


Alex RodenBeck
2 weeks ago
Pioneer Dental Group is by far my favorite dental clinic that I’ve gone to. That’s coming from a person who really hates going to the dentist. The front staff ladies, Kay and Melissa are so helpful and always greet me with a smile and a cheery good morning. I’m sorry I can’t remember all the names of everyone behind the counter but they’re all rock stars in my book. Dr. Nebeker (Dr. Nebuchadnezzar for you Matrix fans) is also a super swell, down to earth, easy to talk to dude! Not to mention his amazing injection technique and flawless crown installation. I’m a person with extremely sensitive teeth and I feel the least amount of pain at Pioneer Dental Group. Thanks again for the stellar work guys! Y’all deserve some praise!


Shane Brown
2 weeks ago
I’m cured!! After years of suffering torment and mental anguish due to high levels of anxiety in regards to all things dental. I called this morning to schedule an appointment. Amy (extremely friendly and attentive) answered and got me in the same afternoon! Before I knew it, I was walking through the doors of Pioneer Dental in Oregon City. It was then I was was greeted by Kay, Micki, and Bri. I was welcomed with what I can only assume were friendly smiles behind responsibly worn PPE. It was a pleasant experience to say the least. Angie was my hygienist. She’s no rookie. She was fast, confident, and by no stretch of the imagination nervous with the tools. If the American Dental Association was Gotham City, she’d be Batman. I see Dr Nebeker (who likes fishing as much as I do) later this week and I couldn’t be more excited. Thanks to my experience with the professionals at Pioneer Dental Group, I’m well on my way to the healthy set of pearly whites I’ve always wanted. Thank you Pioneer Dental Group


We hope to see you soon!