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Thank you for stopping by! We have huge things in the works that we are very excited to tell you about…

Office Expansion – More Space means more rooms to serve our patients!

First, our dental office here in Oregon City is expanding!  We already have a sizeable office, when is more a bad thing?  OK maybe more carbs are bad, but who doesn’t love more pasta?  Is it lunchtime yet?  No but seriously!  More space means more rooms to serve our patients, and we are excited!

More Dentists

With additional space we are excited to have new dentists joining the team also!  Unfortunately Dr. Cheah will be leaving us to spend more time with the kids over summer, but the dental roster we have for you coming online is only getting better.  The plan now is to have 4 full-time dentists by the end of summer.  With robust staffing, it means there will almost never be a day your appointment gets cancelled, and the flexibility we can provide for scheduling your dental visits should be even better.  Stay tuned for more specific announcements.

Adding a Dental Lab

Now as far as news goes for dental practices, this is HUUUGE!  We are adding our own Dental Laboratory, right in the same business complex you are familiar with.  Now as a patient of Pioneer Dental you won’t likely visit the dental lab, but there are several benefits that will affect your time to delivery.  How do same day crowns sound?  Same day bridges?  That is only possible in practices with their own dental lab.  Dentures will also be made in house, which means you get the highest accuracy and the fastest delivery possible… no shipping necessary!  We are also extremely excited to have an expert dental lab team, actually father and son, working on your dental fittings.

  • Father & Son dental techs
  • Same day crowns
  • Bridges same day
  • In-house dentures


Teeth in a Day

Wait, did we say just teeth in a day?  You read it right.  Imagine you decide to go the full meal deal with an all-on-4 dental implant setup.  With Dr. Raleigh’s extensive dental implant experience and a lab next door,  you can potentially have a completely brand new smile in one day, including tooth removal, implant creation, placement & prosthetic all done in a day.  While the “rush” may not be a necessary improvement for everyone, it is particularly beneficial to the busiest among us, and even more so to our seniors who may not enjoy the “convenience” of multiple visits.  Ride-scheduling becomes incredibly simple when there’s only one visit necessary.

Expect More from Pioneer Dental Group

So a lot is happening here, all orchestrated for Pioneer Dental Group to continue to lead in the Oregon City and surrounding areas.  Take a look at our recent 5 star testimonial post to see some recent reviews and learn more about what to expect in our appointments.