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Welcome to Pioneer Dental Group’s resources for patients interested in learning about implants and Dr. Raleigh’s background in implants.

Dental Implant Resources
& Information

Dr. Raleigh’s Educational Background & Dental Implant Training

Dr. Raleigh is a graduate of the University of Michigan Dental School and a former resident doctor at the University of Toledo Medical Center. As one of the most experienced general dentists in Oregon, Dr. Raleigh expanded the scope of his practice to include placing dental implants in 2014.  Dr. Raleigh was mentored by Dr. David Little of Osteoready Implants and Little Implant Company.  Now, having placed over 1000 implants in his career, he is a faculty member and mentor at the Pacific North West Implant Institute, helping other doctors in their careers and helping ensure the success of implant dentistry for the future.


Resources for Patients Interested in Learning About Implants

As a patient, you too can help with the growth and success of implant dentistry by sharing information from your treatment with dental manufacturers, dental laboratories, and other doctors, which allows for greater learning for all involved.

Patients will receive exceptional savings for their implant treatment if they allow Dr. Raleigh to share their cases with other doctors at the Pacific North West Implant Institute or allow other doctors to observe and learn from their treatment with Dr. Raleigh at Pioneer Dental Group.

Dr. Pioch & Pacific NW Implant Institute

As there are no university specialty programs in dental implants and therefore no implant specialists, it is important that patients understand the value of dentists sharing and learning from each other. It is that shared learning that has helped propel the exponential growth of implant dentistry over the years. The doctors placing and restoring implants come from all the training backgrounds, from general dentists, periodontists, prosthodontists, endodontists to oral surgeons. All these dentists are learning from their experiences and those of other doctors, getting better from every experience and collaboration. The cumulative knowledge gained from those experiences and the needs of patients serves as the foundation for research and development in order to improve the technology, techniques, products, and overall patient success rates.

Dental Implant Process

"More reasons for you to smile - Solutions for repairing damaged teeth or replacing missing teeth"

Our friends at Nobel Biocare have prepared a brochure designed to educate patients interested in learning about the benefits of tooth replacement, the consequences of tooth loss and the current options available for replacing missing teeth. Although this brochure is geared toward patients interested in implants, it does provide information about tooth repair and replacement options encompassing crowns, bridges and dentures. Inside patients will find information regarding the various implant-based replacement options, some of the steps involved and generalized timelines for those steps. At the end, patients will see some useful visual representations of various bone grafting techniques that make placing implants possible. Although the entirety of this brochure is designed for patients and dentists, the patient portion is found on pages 1 through 32.

Here you can see videos that detail some of the process and technology utilized by Raleigh and the team at Pioneer Dental Group.

Patient Brochures for Specific Situations

Open or download these pamphlets to better understand the benefits and process for dental implants in various scenarios:

Implant Technology & Tools

The expertise required to do dental implants well is substantial, that’s why experience is so valuable. Take a look at the variety of implant types, models, materials, drills, scanners, microscopes and more that it takes to be proficient.

Dental Implant Models & Toolsets

IH biomedical Simplified Catalog

Dental Implant Instrumentation

Implant Surgical

PCIFICNW Implant Institute

3d Scanners & Surgical Microscopes

Medit i500
Digital Scanner

CareStream 8100 3D Evo Edition CT Scanner

Global Surgical

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