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Serving dental patients throughout Clackamas County including Oregon City, West Linn, Gladstone, Willamette, Beavercreek, Lake Oswego, Happy Valley, Clackamas, Milwaukie, Redland, Oak Grove, Canby and Mulino Oregon. Visit Us and find out why Pioneer Dental Group has more than 800, 5 STAR Reviews on Google Business Pages.

  • Is Pioneer Dental Group A Comprehensive Dentist’s Office?
    Absolutely! We have everything you need under one convenient roof. In fact, our Oregon City dentist’s office provides everything from preventive dental exams and teeth cleanings to complex cosmetic makeovers. Our team also has the tools and the training to help you restore your oral health and great-looking smile following…
  • Is Dr. Pioch A Cosmetic Dentist?
    Yes! Our Oregon City dentist's office is prepared to give you a complete smile makeover! Dr. Pioch is able to offer everything from professional teeth whitening to dental veneers and more. Plus, our cosmetic dentistry consultations are easy and informative sessions that always end in a plan of action that…
  • Should I be concerned about a painful tooth?
    Yes. If you have a tooth that is painful, it is important that you schedule an appointment to have it checked out. Painful teeth can indicate cavities or other problems.
  • Do you offer tooth removal services?
    Yes. If you are in need of a tooth extraction, we will perform one for you in our office. Our tooth removal services are painless and effective.
  • Should I be concerned about a loose tooth?
    Yes. An adult loose tooth is something that needs to be addressed right away. A loose tooth can be caused from trauma to the mouth or even gum disease. If you see us soon, we have options to keep your smile full and healthy.
  • Is sedation dentistry safe?
    Yes. Sedation dentistry is a safe option for most patients who are in good health. If you are interested in sedation, we will discuss your options with you before your procedure. We offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide.
  • What types of crowns do you offer?
    At Pioneer Dental Group, we offer a variety of crowns for you to choose from for your specific situation. The most common type is a porcelain crown, but we do have zirconium and gold crowns available, too.
  • Is gum disease treatable?
    Yes. Gum disease is always treatable, and when caught early enough, you may not experience any negative effects. If late-stage periodontitis has formed, it can still be treated, but it may take longer and may not be able to reverse all the damage in your teeth and bone.
  • How do I know if I have gum disease?
    You will know that you have gum disease if your gums are swollen, red, and bleeding. Typically, if you are in the first stages of gingivitis, you may not even know that you have gum disease until you come in for a routine exam. Gum disease that is allowed to…
  • What is a crown?
    A crown, also known as a cap, is placed over your damaged or decayed tooth to protect it from further decay or breaking. The tooth-colored crown covers the entire tooth up to the gumline and restores your smile.
  • What is a child’s first visit like?
    When your child comes in for their first dental appointment, Dr. Pioch will meet with your child and talk to them in a fun, friendly way. We will take a look at your child’s teeth and discuss any problems we notice. If your child is comfortable, we will perform a…
  • What should I expect when getting dental implants?
    When you are getting dental implants, we will place small titanium posts in your jawbone, where the roots of the tooth once were. It will take time for your jawbone to heal and integrate with the implants before we place crowns, bridges, or dentures on top of the posts. If…

Have more questions we haven’t answered here? Give our office a call now at (503) 305-5051, or fill out our convenient appointment form, and one of our team members will give you a call back shortly.
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