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Research shows that great experiences at the dentist for kids is the foundation for life long dental health and well being.

Pediatric Dentistry Begins with First Birthday or First Tooth

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends regular dental visits for children starting at the age of one.

Our practice follows this guideline and believes that an early introduction to the dentist builds a healthy foundation for good dental hygiene. We also understand the importance of shaping a positive dental experience for kids and fostering a strong patient-dentist relationship from an early age.

Every practitioner in our office is prepared for the nuances of pediatric dentistry, and approaches each young patient with gentle care, patience, and specialized techniques tailored to the needs of the individual child. We aim to create a familiar environment that feels safe, so children are more comfortable for procedures and future visits.

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Best Approach to Pediatric Dentistry Starts with Great Experiences

We provide Oregon City pediatric dentistry services in a positive and friendly atmosphere where our practitioners work hard to earn the trust of their young patients. A first visit may not even involve any treatment, the priority is to familiarize children with the dental environment and help them get comfortable with our team.

Each child is unique, but we have found that children are generally influenced by the behaviors and reactions of their older brothers and sisters. Therefore, we place a lot of emphasis on a sibling-centric approach that works wonders in helping new pediatric patients feel at ease.

Our goal is to make every child feel welcomed, valued, and excited about their dental appointments. When a child is happy to walk through our door, we know we’re off to a good start.

Happy Dentists Make Happy Pediatric Dentistry Patients

Research has shown that having positive dental experiences from the ages of one to three sets the foundation for successful dental visits as children grow into adolescents. With this in mind, our pediatric dentistry services are provided in a kid-centric environment, where our friendly team of dentists and hygienists use gentle techniques to help patients feel at ease.

We know how stressful pediatric dentistry appointments can also be for parents, so our team takes great care to provide reassurance with encouraging communication and unwavering kindness.

For both pediatric patients and their parents, we want every dental experience to be memorable in all the right ways. You can always count on the Pioneer Dental team to set the stage with a happy and supportive atmosphere.


Pediatric Dentistry Recommendations

“My 5 year old daughter had a cleaning and she would not stop talking about it all day! She is convinced that she HAS to brush her teeth every morning and night!”

  • Nena R

“Just had a hygiene appointment at Pioneer Dental Group with my two year old daughter. My kiddo left with a smile on her face. We are so greatful to have had such a wonderful experience”

  • Stephanie B

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