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Improve the look of your smile

Is your tooth severely decayed?

Have you had a recent root canal performed on your teeth? Are you missing a single tooth or a series of teeth in your mouth? If so, we proudly offer both dental crowns and dental bridges to protect your teeth. Dental crowns are common restorations used to provide a protective barrier for your teeth, stopping more decay and damage. A crown covers the entire portion of your tooth. It’s bonded to the tooth for a long-term solution.


When is a Dental Crown Needed?

Dental crowns are needed when your tooth has been broken or has severe decay. Dr. Pioch will decide if a dental crown is the right treatment for you. Crowns are often relied on after a root canal procedure is performed. The crown is set over the tooth after the root and pulp are removed. This ensures the remaining tooth structure suffers no more damage or infection.

Oregon City

Dental Crowns and Bridges


We offer porcelain crowns for maximum aesthetics. Also, crowns made of zirconium and precious metals, like gold and white gold. Metal crowns provide most support for molars, which receive a lot more pressure from chewing. You can choose the crown, depending on your situation, preferences, and budget. All custom crowns are created by local labs ensuring you receive care quickly.
If your damage isn’t severe enough, you may benefit from inlays or onlays. Inlays are bonded to the area within the pointed cusps of your molars. Onlays can also cover the cusps and extend beyond that. These composite restorations are made to match your teeth so no one will notice them in your smile.


If you are missing one tooth or a series of teeth in your mouth, a dental bridge is a great tooth-replacement option. Sometimes, it is not possible to save your teeth, and you must remove it to prevent more damage to surrounding teeth or gums. A dental bridge consists of a series of connected crowns that “bridge the gap” in your mouth. The bridge is anchored in place by attaching at least two of the crowns to the teeth surrounding the gap. These two supporting teeth must be reduced in order for the crowns to fit on top.
Pioneer Dental Group also offers implant-supported bridges, which anchors the bridge to implants instead of your teeth.