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There are people who would do anything to have a smile that is functional and comfortable. They are in need of full mouth reconstruction. If you teeth pains when you chew, if you are ashamed of the way they look, or afraid that your teeth are making you unhealthy, it is time for major improvements.


Your Health Is The Priority

When you make the decision for a full mouth reconstruction, our first priority is to get your smile back to health. Cleanings, fillings, and repair to broken-down teeth are at the top of that list. Once your teeth are healthy, they will begin to feel a lot better. This process should take care of any pain you might be feeling when you chew, and will process towards a more attractive smile.


Get Your Confidence

Make Your Smile Great

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can change the shape, color, and look of your smile completely! Tetracycline and tobacco stains can be removed with deep bleaching, and tooth contouring to alter the shape and length of your teeth. Veneers, cosmetic crowns, and dental bonding, to fill in gaps, cover damage. With teeth that are whiter, brighter, and comfortable, you’ll feel like a complete different person!

Start the Process

A full mouth reconstruction is a process. You can’t walk into our office and have your entire mouth corrected in a single appointment. This situation took years to create, and it will take several months to correct. The good news is that we can plan your treatment so that you are comfortable, both physically and financially. The whole process begins with a consultation appointment with Dr. Pioch.