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Oral surgery

We can provide the care you need in your familiar, friendly dental office. Ensuring you don’t have to travel around looking for an oral surgeon, sharing your private information with another dentist, and then coming back to your family dentist for post-op care. Get it all done in one place!

Hugely Beneficial

Sinus Lifts

Not all patients are able to receive dental implants without oral surgery. One of those surgeries is called a sinus lift. Your sinus cavity rests very close to upper jaw. In order to place dental implants in upper jaw, we sometimes have to lift the sinus cavity, so that it is not damaged. This particular problem is not common. However, if it is present, there is no other way to take care of the issue than with a sinus lift surgery.


Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

A common problem is too little bone for safe dental implant. Some patients have been without teeth for so long that their bone is too narrow or weak to support an implant. Some dentists will dismiss these patients, but we offer bone grafting. Through a surgical process, we can place bone material over your current bone and create a foundation for your dental implant. Once the bone has healed, the dental implant will fit and be secure for the rest of your life!

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Our mouths are often too small for these teeth to come in successfully. This may lead to the teeth turning the wrong way, getting stuck, or causing a lot of pain for your other teeth.
The wisdom teeth removal process is completed very quickly. We are also able to extract other troublesome teeth that have lost their ability to function in your mouth. The process is often much simpler than the process for wisdom teeth, so don’t hesitate to have a tooth extraction!