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Child Smiles Become Adult Smiles

Your child’s teeth

Those little smiles are going to grow up, and they will need dental care! If your child’s smile is full of decay, they might lose their teeth early. The baby teeth are placeholders for adult teeth. If a baby tooth comes out early, the other teeth shifts into the gap, and causes orthodontics.


Child Habits Become Adult Habits

When you think about your child, you think about who that little one will grow up to be. We do the same thing, except we are thinking about their adult smile! The habits your child builds now are likely the habits they will fall back on for the rest of their life.
Building habits of brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist are really important for your child’s lifelong oral health. Kids who have been seeing a dentist for their entire life are much more likely to continue that habit into adulthood.


Childhood Smile Concerns


No, Dr. Pioch is not a pediatric dentist, but he has the experience and knowledge of treating kids. Your family is in good hands. He understands that kids need special consideration that adults don’t normally need.
Kids are prone to decay due to their sugar-filled diet and poor brushing habits. While a lot of this falls on the parent, to ensure that your child is practicing healthy habits, it’s just something that happens! Kids loves sweets, so it’s common for them to eat more sugar than is good for them. Plus, they aren’t the greatest at flossing and brushing.

The result

Lots of childhood cavities for some kids. We can help prevent that situation by recommending dental sealants and fluoride treatments. While the fluoride will help strengthen your child’s teeth, the sealants will actually create a protective layer over your child’s chewing surfaces to protect against harmful bacteria.
Need help creating these healthy routines for your child? We can help! Contact our office today by calling (503) 305-5051 or contact us using our online form. Your kids will soon have healthier, happier smiles!