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Teeth Contouring

Teeth Contouring

When you see an attractive smile, you are noticing several things all at once. Most of us notice a beautiful white shade to the teeth. You will notice that the teeth are all aligned next to one another with no gaps, crowding, or overlapping. You will also notice that all of the teeth are about the same length, creating a uniformity that we find attractive in smiles.

When you are looking at your own smile, what do you notice? Do you see small chips or cracks along the edges of your teeth? Are some of your teeth too pointy or a different length than those around it? These are all small flaws that can make a big impact on the way you view your smile.

Sometimes these small flaws can even affect the health of your smile. If you have a rough area or a part of your tooth that is difficult to brush, it could be a hot spot for decay-causing bacteria. A solution that would take care of the shape of your tooth could potentially take care of the health of your smile as well.

Teeth Contouring Solutions

When your tooth is in need of a facelift, teeth contouring in Oregon City might be the ticket. The process of contouring is simply removing tooth enamel to change the shape of your tooth. For example, if your two front teeth are uneven, we can use contouring to make the longer tooth the same length as the shorter tooth. Any visible area of your tooth can be contoured to make it match the uniformity of the rest of your smile.

The Process for Teeth Contouring in Oregon City

As with any cosmetic solution, our first priority is to make sure your teeth are healthy. We will complete a cleaning and exam (especially if you haven’t had one in a while) before doing anything else. Once we know that your teeth are healthy, we can continue with the contouring treatment.

Your tooth enamel is the outer layer of your tooth, and it has no pain receptors. Your procedure will be completely pain-free, but if you are very nervous, we can offer you sedation to help you feel more comfortable while we work.

A special contouring tool is used to gently remove enamel. Once the shape has been corrected, your teeth will be brushed and polished to create the finished look.

Dramatic Results?

Teeth contouring is not the cosmetic procedure you need if you are looking for dramatic results. The changes will be minimal to your smile, but the results can make a big impact on the look of your smile. While you used to be self-conscious, you will now smile with confidence.

In addition, those small changes really can alter the way your smile looks. Uneven teeth being adjusted will allow you to have a more uniform and classically beautiful smile that fits together perfectly. In some cases, contouring can remove overlapping enamel so that you can avoid braces!

Make a cost-effective decision to change the shape of your troublesome tooth to improve the look of your entire smile! If you’re ready for teeth contouring in Oregon City, call us today at (503) 305-5051 or contact us using our online form. We can’t wait to see your smile’s transformation!