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Dental bridges fill the empty space left by missing teeth, allowing patients to chew food properly and speak clearly.

Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are restorative dental appliances that replace missing teeth by bridging the gap between existing teeth or dental implants.

Dental bridges fill the empty space left by missing teeth, allowing patients to chew food properly and speak clearly. They restore the functionality of the teeth, enabling patients to enjoy a varied diet and communicate without impediments.

Additionally, when large numbers of teeth are missing, the surrounding teeth can gradually shift and tilt into the empty space, leading to bite problems and misalignment. A dental bridge helps maintain the proper alignment of neighboring teeth.

Tooth loss can also lead to bone resorption, where the jawbone starts to deteriorate in the area where the tooth is missing. By replacing the missing tooth with a dental bridge, the bridge’s support and stimulation can help preserve the jawbone and maintain its strength and density.

A recommendation from your dentist for a dental bridge depends on various factors, such as your oral health condition, the location of the missing tooth or teeth, and the available supporting teeth or implants. Pioneer Dental will evaluate your specific situation and discuss the most appropriate treatment options, including dental bridges, to address your needs.

Pioneer Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth
CEREC Technology at Pioneer Dental Oregon City

Same Day Dental Bridge with Pioneer Dental Lab

Pioneer Dental can complete dental bridges in a single day thanks to advanced dental technology including CAD/CAM systems, automated milling systems and other platforms collectively known as CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) systems.

At the Pioneer Dental lab, the entire bridge procedure is completed in a single dental visit. Here’s an overview of the process:

  1. Tooth preparation: The teeth adjacent to the missing teeth are prepared by removing a small amount of enamel to accommodate the bonding process.

  2. Digital impression: A digital impression is taken using a specialized intraoral scanner. The scanner captures a detailed 3D image of the location of the bridge.

  3. CAD/CAM design: The digital impression is used to create a virtual model of the bridge on a computer, customizing its shape, size, and appearance to match the patient’s natural teeth.

  4. Bridge fabrication: The resulting CAD data is sent to a milling machine that fabricates the bridge from a solid block of ceramic in 15 minutes or so.

  5. Placement: The final bridge is fit, adjusted and bonded to the prepared teeth.

Expert Artisans to Make Your Dental Bridge

By utilizing CAD/CAM technology and CEREC systems Pioneer Dental can provide patients with same-day bridges, substantially speeding the treatment process and time and eliminating the need for a second visit.

That, however, does not mean that you dental bridge is a mass produced, one-size-fits-all product. Our highly skilled dental technicians utilize the machines to facilitate and speed the design and initial manufacturing of your dental bridge. At that stage of its development, your bridge is correctly sized and representative of the shape of your jaw and neighboring teeth in order to be an excellent fit in its place in your mouth.

The final stages of the process involve a hands-on series of steps by a highly trained dental artisan with the goal of producing a dental bridge with a jewel-like quality and color and translucence designed to be nearly indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

It is this level of care and artistry, combined with the close proximity of the dental lab and dental office that truly sets Pioneer Dental apart when it comes to restorative dentistry.

In House Dental Artisans at Pioneer Dental Oregon City

Dental Bridge Recommendations

“I went to Pioneer out of desperation related to my two broken teeth. I will never go anywhere else. Everyone is super kind, helpful and beyond amazing. Considerate, informative, and so good at making you comfortable.”


““Dr Raleigh is the best. I have never had a bad experience, they treat you with respect and always give you all the options. I would highly recommend them. Their office folks are also first class.”


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