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The Pioneer Dental office team members work tirelessly to make your experience at our office as convenient and comfortable as possible. Here are some resources that are designed to help.

Pioneer Dental New Patient Forms

If you are a new patient for Pioneer Dental there are a few things we need to know about you in order to assure that we offer routine care and a treatment plan that uniquely suits your dental needs as well as your overall health.

Click the button below to download the forms that we will require be filled out before your first visit can begin. It is generally beneficial to get the process going before you arrive at the office in case you need to access personal records to complete the forms.

Because the forms contain personal information about your dental and general health, we recommend that you print them and return them to the office when you arrive for your first visit.

Smiling clerk helping a patient at Pioneer Dental
Smiling patient care coordinator at Pioneer Dental

Pioneer Dental Payment Options

We understand that you need convenient payment options when you go to the dentist – especially if your whole family is coming to see us! That’s why Pioneer Dental is committed to ensuring that we offer you a variety of options.

First, we do accept most in-network insurance plans, and we are happy to file the paperwork for you. Please see the list of accepted insurance plans below. If you are unsure of whether we are in your network, we will check for you and let you know.

In addition to insurance, we offer convenient options to make affording and paying for your appointment a breeze. Some of the methods we accept include:

We also offer uninsured, prepayment discounts in our office.

Pay over time with our payment partners.

Pioneer Dental Insurance Accepted

Pioneer Dental Offers a Dental Wellness Membership Plan

The benefits of the Pioneer Dental Wellness Plan* include :

  • Low Cost
  • Low Annual fee
  • No yearly maximums
  • No deductibles
  • No claim Forms
  • No pre-authorization requirements


  • No health questions
  • No pre-existing condition limits
  • No one will be denied coverage
  • No waiting periods
  • Immediate eligibility
  • Free consultations

* Pioneer Dental Group’s Dental Wellness Plan is not a dental insurance plan. No claims are filed and no payments are made to any other healthcare providers. Pioneer Dental Group is not a licensed insurer, health maintenance organization, or another underwriter of health services. This Dental Wellness Plan may not be used with any other offers, discounts, insurance, discount plans or advertisements.


Dental Office Recommendations

“This is the best experience I’ve had at a dental office. Every person I spoke to or interacted with were so kind and welcoming. Billing was super easy and straight forward. ”

  • Michanne

“Great staff! My kids love coming here. They made our dental treatment affordable even though I did not have insurance. Definitely recommend coming here!”

  • Allison

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