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Pioneer Dental is dedicated to constantly advancing its artistry and craftsmanship to assure that your dental work looks natural and feels great.

Restorative Dentistry Rehabilitates A Single Tooth, or a Whole Smile

Pioneer Dental Group offers Oregon City restorative dentistry services to patients with damaged or missing teeth and focuses on improving function and appearance while reducing pain and protecting against future dental issues.

Fillings are the most common and least complicated type of restorative treatment, but when cavities grow or result in a broken tooth a crown or bridge may be required.

Our team is highly trained in all areas of dental restoration, so whether it’s a single tooth or full mouth restoration, we can quickly eliminate tooth damage, implement a comfortable and attractive solution, and help patients reclaim optimal oral health.

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In-house Dental Lab is Key to Same Day Restorative Dentist Treatment

At Pioneer Dental, restorative dentistry services aren’t just about the procedure. Our team takes time to make a thorough assessment of a patient’s needs and understand their goals for the treatment’s outcome. This comprehensive intake allows our dentists to craft a solution that resolves the issue and decreases the risk of future recurrence.

When a patient’s treatment requires the replacement of missing teeth or other dental prosthetics, such as a crown for a single tooth, or a bridge for multiple teeth, our on-site dental lab is called on to design a customized restoration that fits precisely, functions properly, and looks exactly as the patient expects. Having this on-premise resource enables us to fit patients with quality dental restorations in one visit.

Restorative Dentists Specializing in White or Tooth Colored Fillings

Our biggest concerns at Pioneer Dental is often the look of their prosthetic. The goal is to not have dental work look like dental work. That’s why we’ve developed an in-house team of artisans who are highly trained to have our work blend perfectly with a patient’s existing teeth.

The team of technicians that staff our in-house lab are true artisans in their craft. Their focus is on creating a smile that looks natural and feels great. It’s normal for patients to feel anxious about the outcome of their dental restoration, but they can feel assured that our Oregon City restorative dentistry services will provide a purposeful resolution to their unique needs.
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Restorative Dentistry Reviews

“Just had my first root canal and I have to say that the team was amazing! It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Great people, great care, and it was a great experience considering the procedure.”

  • Jennie

The Pioneer Dental team saw me on short notice when an old crown fell off. Was in and out within 30 minutes. They are extremely skilled at what they do! Made going to the dentist enjoyable!!”

  • Sean S

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