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For wisdom teeth as well as more complex oral surgery procedures, Pioneer Dental’s in house surgery center is ready to serve you.

Many Oral Surgery Issues Solved in One Day

Pioneer Dental provides expert oral surgery care with a focus on resolving issues and reducing pain as quickly as possible. Our Oregon City office has a fully equipped surgical suite on site and is staffed with a team of specialized oral surgeons and an in-house anesthesiologist.

Patients of our practice appreciate the convenience of having an Oregon City oral surgery option at the same location where they receive routine dental care. This means no referrals or scheduling restraints, just an efficient resolution in a familiar, comfortable space.

Having an oral surgery center and dental lab, as well as a full staff of surgery support and expert surgeons all under one roof allows patients to receive rapid, comprehensive treatment from a collaborative team.

Same day oral surgery Oregon City
Dental surgery Oregon City

Your Dental Surgeon for Wisdom Teeth and Bone Grafting

When it comes to wisdom teeth, it’s common for there to be insufficient space for the teeth to erupt properly, which can lead to misalignment, impaction, or significant discomfort.

Our team of dental surgeons can ensure a smooth and comfortable process for removing wisdom teeth, or any other problematic teeth that no longer serve a functional purpose for your mouth.

Bone grafting, another common procedure performed by our team of dental surgeons, is a vital solution for patients who have insufficient bone structure to safely support dental implants. During the procedure, bone material is placed over the existing jawbone, and once it has healed, dental implants can be securely placed.

Sinus Augmentation Or Sinus Lift In Support of Dental Implants

A sinus lift is designed to facilitate the placement of dental implants when a patient lacks the necessary bone support. It addresses the issue by increasing the amount of bone in the upper jaw with the addition of bone material.

There are several ways to go about the procedure, depending on the amount of bone that currently exists, the bone material to be used for the graft, and the approach for placing the implants. Our team is uniquely qualified to advise on this thanks to the close working relationship between the oral surgeons and supporting staff at our on-site dental lab where implants are made. The likelihood of long-lasting and successful dental implants increases significantly for patients who undergo sinus lift surgery at Pioneer Dental.

Sinus lift for dental implants

Oral Surgery Recommendations

“As soon as the assistant realized I needed oral surgery she worked with the scheduling ladies to get me in next day at my requested 7 am time. I had the surgery with kind gentle voices reassuring me and checking on my comfort”

  • Sheilla B

“Dr Neeka was kind and proficient with my extraction, bone grafting and membrane surgery. She also made follow-up phone calls after my date of service.”

  • Dyann B

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