Oregon City Sedation Dentistry

Pioneer Dental has anesthesiologists and sedation equipment on site, as well as registered nurses to monitor patients at every step of the way.

Sedation Dentists And Supporting Staff On Site

Some people have such a strong aversion to the dentist’s chair that they jeopardize their oral health or endure pain for far longer than they should. The truth is, most routine and preventative dental care is pain-free, but our team at Pioneer Dental wants to make sure you’re comfortable and at ease no matter the treatment.

Our Oregon City sedation dentistry practice has anesthesiologists and sedation equipment on site, as well as nurses to monitor patients and clear them for release. Having this supporting staff on site enables our dentists, all of whom are certified in sedation dentistry, to focus on treatment in a relaxed and tension-free environment.


Sedation Takes the Stress Out of Dentist’s Procedures

Dental anxiety can result from a previous negative experience, an innate fear of medical environments or the complexity of the necessary procedure. Sedation dentistry can make a world of difference for children, anxious patients, and those receiving more invasive treatments.

When a patient knows they’ll receive sedation prior to their treatment, it significantly reduces stress, improves sleep, and supports a positive frame of mind, all of which contribute to a better experience and shorter recovery.

A Better Dentist Experience Through Medical Sedation

Sedation dentistry can be the right solution in many different scenarios. Of course, when a treatment is medically necessary due to extreme discomfort, but also for patients that avoid the care they need because of dental anxiety.

At Pioneer Dental, our team is committed to patient comfort and well-trained in dental sedation and other techniques that reduce anxiety and create a relaxed environment for treatment.

Our sedation dentistry services give patients peace of mind when preparing for their procedure, a tranquil experience during, and a rested, peaceful recovery.

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Sedation Dentistry Recommendations

“They made me the most comfortable I’ve ever been at the dentist. I have severe anxiety surrounding dental work and all the staff and dentists here are super understanding and empathetic towards me.”

  • Cozette

“I have a huge fear of the dentist and don't like going, but this dentist was absolutely amazing. Was hands down best experience. Highly recommend!”

  • James

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