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Tooth contouring is a cosmetic dental treatment that involves reshaping the enamel of the teeth to improve their appearance and function.

What Can Teeth Contouring Do For My Smile?

Tooth contouring, also known as dental reshaping or enameloplasty, is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves reshaping the enamel of a tooth to improve its appearance and function. It is a conservative and relatively simple procedure that can offer several benefits to dental patients.

Tooth contouring is a minimally invasive and cost effective procedure that can be beneficial to patients in a number of ways, including correcting minor cosmetic imperfections, improving tooth proportions and correcting bite alignment.

It’s important to note that tooth contouring is not suitable for all dental conditions. It is typically most effective for minor cosmetic adjustments and cannot address more significant dental concerns such as severely damaged teeth, large gaps, or major bite alignment issues.

Pioneer Dental cosmetic dentists are happy to discuss tooth contouring as an option to solve your dental needs.

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Teeth Contouring Process At Pioneer Dental

At Pioneer Dental, tooth contouring is done by a dentist or dental assistant. Here is a general overview of how tooth contouring is done at Pioneer Dental.

  1. Examination and planning: The dentist will evaluate the shape, size, and position of your teeth to determine if tooth contouring is a suitable treatment option for you.

  1. Numbing the area (if necessary): If you have tooth sensitivity or if a more substantial amount of enamel needs to be removed, the dentist may administer a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

  2. Reshaping the tooth: Using dental instruments the dentist will carefully remove small amounts of enamel from the tooth being contoured. They will shape the tooth according to the planned changes, following the predetermined treatment goals.

  3. Smoothing and polishing: After reshaping the tooth, the dentist will smooth and polish the newly contoured surface.

  4. Oral care instructions: The dentist will provide you with instructions on how to take care of your teeth following the procedure.

Is Tooth Contouring Right For You?

When you see an attractive smile, you are noticing several things all at once. Most of us notice a beautiful white shade to the teeth. You will notice that the teeth are all aligned next to one another with no gaps, crowding, or overlapping. You will also notice that all of the teeth are about the same length, creating a uniformity that we find attractive in smiles.

When you are looking at your own smile, what do you notice? Do you see small chips or cracks along the edges of your teeth? Are some of your teeth too pointy or a different length than those around it? These are all small flaws that can make a big impact on the way you view your smile.

Sometimes these small flaws can even affect the health of your smile. If you have a rough area or a part of your tooth that is difficult to brush, it could be a hot spot for decay-causing bacteria. A solution that would take care of the shape of your tooth could potentially take care of the health of your smile as well.

Pioneer Dental would be happy to talk with about how tooth contouring might be able to improve your satisfaction with your smile.

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