Oregon City Dental Exams and Checkups

Pioneer Dental follows American Dental Association guidelines recommending a thorough dental exam every 6 months for most patients.

How Often Should I Have a Dental Exam?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends visiting your dentist for a dental exam and cleaning every six months. This standard scheduling is suitable for most; however, the ADA emphasizes that the frequency of dental visits should be personalized by your dentist to align with your specific oral health condition and medical history.

We provide Oregon City dental checkups that inform our dentist’s approach to optimizing your oral health. We use dental imaging to detect any potential issues that may not be visible, evaluate your gums and perform a thorough tooth-by-tooth examination to make sure there are no signs of decay, chips, or cracks.

Also part of the dental exam are head and neck evaluations to determine proper functioning, complete scans for oral cancer or other health concerns, and a bite analysis to rule out any problems related to a misaligned bite.


Our Experience Is Critical During Your Dental Exam

When it comes to dental checkups, experience plays a vital role in ensuring the highest quality of care. Dentists with extensive experience have honed their skills and knowledge over time, allowing them to provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.

Our experienced team has encountered a wide range of dental conditions and are well-equipped to handle any challenges that may arise during a checkup. They are proficient with the latest dental technology and techniques, enabling them to offer the most up-to-date and efficient care.

Dentists with reliable expertise are a valuable commodity, but practitioners with the right mix of experience and availability provide a truly superior dental experience. We give our patients peace of mind, knowing that when they need care, whether it’s a dental checkup or something more extensive, our team is there to accommodate them without hassle or delay.

Dental Exams Are A Team Effort

At our practice, dental exams are a collaborative effort between our highly skilled dentists and dedicated hygienists. By combining their skills and expertise, we ensure top-quality dental care tailored to each patients’ specific needs.

Our dentists utilize their experience and extensive knowledge to conduct meticulous evaluations, assess dental history, and use advanced diagnostic tools to identify potential issues. Meanwhile, our hygienists play a crucial role in maintaining patients’ oral hygiene – performing thorough cleanings, removing plaque and tartar buildup, and providing valuable education on proper oral care techniques.

Our team-based approach fosters a collaborative environment based on communication and trust. We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with our patients, promoting preventive care, and supporting your journey towards optimal oral health.


Dental Check Up Recommendations

“First time in for check up, x-rays, and a cleaning. Dental hygeniest and doc were great and super friendly. I appreciate the extra effort they applied make me comfortable in what for many can be an uncomfortable experience.”

  • Dirk

“I came in for a routine check up. They went above and beyond any experience I’ve had. They made me feel comfortable and their professionalism is next to none. I’d highly recommend Pioneer Dental to all.”

  • Travis

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